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Personal Targets: Weight loss / general shape up


Phase One Target: 8-10lbs weight loss by end March 2000

Reassess exercise programme /diet changes


Start Date: Week beginning February 19th


You would currently be considered as relatively inactive. Regular activity is beneficial for long term health and not just for improving your fitness level or for weight loss. For you it can also be a way of unwinding/stress releaser or time to think away from the office. (You need to get used to this idea). The good news is that you do not have to do very much exercise to achieve a positive health effect little and often is just as good. Try to find time to include 30 minutes of any moderate activity almost daily - walking is fine. If 30 minutes is too difficult to fit in on some days - try to do10 minutes 3 times in the day (or 2 x 15 mins).


General Exercise Programme


The aim is to increase the amount of calories (energy) you burn every day and metabolic rate, through an increase in lifestyle activity as well as a regular planned exercise programme. This will counteract the eventual slowing of your metabolic rate that happens in response to calorie restriction and sitting for long periods.




Times per week



Increase general activity





Gym workout


Brisk walk






3 4 days per week


2 3 per week




Through walking whenever you can, climbing stairs, breaking long spells of sitting with walk/stretch


As below


In trainers, at a fast pace, getting a little out of breath but still able to keep talking



Specific Sessions





Workout stamina







Treadmill 15 mins with hills

Bike 15 mins at 100 150 watts

Rower 15 minutes

Stepper 15 minutes

Cross trainer 15 minutes

Choose any 2 of these aiming for 15 mins but increase to 20 mins after 1- 2 weeks










Abdominals (daily)






Lat pull down (70)

Chest press (70)

Seated row (upper back)

Shoulder press (50)

Bicep curl dumbell (15kg)

Tricep pull down - 7

Leg extension 70

Hamstring curls 50


curl ups

side curls

reverse curls



Daily after your workout

2 sets x 12 lifts on all

It should feel hard work on last few lifts of each exercise






3 x 20

With knees bent lifting chest and shoulders off floor



Additional Comments

The walk I have suggested can be done in the early evening after work. Keep a pair of trainers and a sweatshirt/t-shirt in the office and take a 40 minute unwinding walk break down the canal or in Stephens Green


Your programme will need to be updated in about a month to 6 weeks depending on how much you do so let me know.


I would also like you to keep a record of your daily exercise or activity and also to keep e-mail to me on a weekly basis about what you have managed to fit in the previous week .

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